About Us

At our nation’s airports—as in the larger economy—the 1% has gained at the expense of everyone else. While airport workers generate enormous wealth and profit, the hundreds of thousands of the same people who provide these vital services are often paid minimum wage or less, and many are forced to rely on taxpayer-funded food, housing, and healthcare programs to survive.

While taxpayers largely fund airports, we don’t see the return on our investment in good jobs and stronger communities. Instead the shift toward outsourcing airport service jobs has led to the stripping of historically good jobs down to minimum wage for workers that that protect passengers and aircraft, keep airplanes clean, transport disabled passengers, ensure our bags arrive where they should among other services that add to the security of our airports and safety of passengers.

Airport Workers United collects and shares information about the growing workers movement to transform low-wage airport service jobs into good jobs with family-supporting wages and healthcare that will help improve airport services, enable workers to support their families, and expand the middle class.

AirportWorkersUnited(dot)org is a website published by SEIU for airport workers and their communities, airport contractors, business leaders, and supporters of workers’ rights.