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Policy: Good Jobs, Good Airports Pledge

May 5, 2022

Airports belong to all of us. They are part of our cities and communities.

Airports belong to all of us. They are part of our cities and communities. They are built and maintained with public resources to help us connect with each other. That’s why it’s unacceptable that airports aren’t working the way they should or could. Flights are frequently canceled and air travel feels less stable and reliable for passengers. Many frontline airport service workers -who are largely Black, brown and immigrants- lack adequate healthcare or paid sick days, and struggle on wages in some cities as low as $8 an hour. It shouldn’t be that way. Better airports are possible, but airlines can and must do better.

When airport service workers -like wheelchair agents, cabin cleaners, baggage handlers and security officers- are respected, provided family-sustaining wages, benefits and a voice on the job, airports are better for both passengers and communities alike.

The undersigned airline CEO pledges the following for all workers who support air travel and transportation in the airline’s system:

We make this pledge in order to make all airports, good airports, where working people can thrive, not just survive. Where everyone –Black, brown, AAPI, and white– are treated equitably and with respect. Where everyone can have a voice on the job.  And together, we can ensure a smooth recovery in air travel as we come out of the pandemic.