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Our Stories: Joseph Lammons

May 10, 2022

Joseph Lammons is a Cabin Cleaner at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). He enjoys his job and ensuring that passengers have a safe and clean airplane for their travels.

Despite playing a critical role in maintaining travel at PHL, Joseph is paid wages that are far below what he deserves, forcing him to live one and one-half hours away from the airport by train.

By joining together in his union, 32BJ, Joseph has been able to make his voice heard and fight for higher wages and job improvements. PHL airport workers’ voices were heard and in 2021, the Philadelphia City Council introduced a bill to improve airport workers’ jobs by creating a prevailing wage, which includes a healthcare supplement, sick days and holidays.

These improvements are life changing for Joseph and all airport workers at PHL, but American Airlines pushed back on the bill, proposing to delay the healthcare supplement. Yes, the same airline that received billions during the pandemic and pays its CEO thousands of dollars an hour wanted to deny airport workers healthcare supplements.

Without Joseph, air travel in Philadelphia would suffer and it’s time for airline CEOs to commit to ensuring workers that airports and airlines depend on are respected, protected, and paid a living wage.