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Why We Fight

Airports connect us — with loved ones and opportunities — across our country and around our world. And it’s all possible thanks to hard-working airport service workers who help keep our airports clean, safe, and accessible.

But right now, airports aren’t working the way they should — long lines, flights frequently canceled and delayed, and frustration all around. Airline CEOs have tried to pin the blame on ‘staffing shortages,’ but the reality is the quality of airport jobs just isn’t what it should be and workers are fed up.

Even before airlines received billions in pandemic relief to stay travel ready, they were benefitting from billions of our public dollars. Yet too many airport workers are struggling to pay rent. Too many are struggling to put food on the table with the low wages they are paid. Too many are showing up each and every day — during a global pandemic — without healthcare benefits or paid sick days.

Enough is Enough.

Better airports are possible for workers and passengers alike and we won’t stop fighting until we win good airports for all.